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Atlanta Day 1

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Kärt återseende i tisdags kväll på Atlantas flygplats och väldigt känsligt.
Efter att ha hämtat vår hyrbil lotsade pappa Don oss till Zaxby’s där vi köpte med oss chicken wings, sallad mm.
Mycket att berätta och sen slocknade vi i gästrummet som tog oss till Egypten – Coolt!
A very emotional reunion Tuesday night at Atlanta Airport.
After getting our rental car, we followed papa Don to Zaxby’s where we bought chicken wings, salad etc. So many things to talk about and stories to tell……Later we passed out in the guestroom that took us to Egypt 😉

At La Guardia NYC, waiting for our flight to Atlanta

Sorry about the quality of the photos, but they were taken with my IPhone,
at a very emotional moment here at the airport.

Papa Don, Zach and Sebastian, also an exchange student, from Germany.
Ehhh….I thought we went to Atlanta?!
Papa Don is a huge fan of Egypt and has decorated his guest room in it’s honor.
Spike och Swedger
Swedger, the black one is just a few months, and why this name?

Sweden + Germany = Swedger 

Albertas Court, Mc Donough, Atlanta  Georgia